SB Teen Yogis

Our team teaches Teens and Seniors the science that all our cells in our bodies contain the blueprints and templates of perfect health, vitality, and youth. Our body is waiting to hear our instructions for our body. What we are thinking about every day is helping to create our healthy life. Through Yoga, this connection of body, mind, and heart is the focus of training. No matter what DNA we have been born with, we have thousands of years of healthy-living information contained within our cells, and through our unique yoga practice, we can experience an integration of healthy wellness habits that includes pausing to become aware of our thinking. This practice of union of body, mind, heart forms the basis of our every day happy living experience.

On-going invitation to our fitness community leaders to propose Teen or Senior focused yoga training programs to Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. for review and support approval. Please contact us.

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