SB Teen Foodies

Programs to encourage innovation in healthy practices regarding smart eating. Growing vegetable gardens and cooking classes offered. Research shows that good nutrition is the first component correlated with positive student outcomes.

When there is support for the health of our students the National School Boards Association has found absenteeism decreases, concentration improves, and behavior problems are reduced.

We encourage our community to follow many healthy guidelines including:

  • Whole fruit options displayed in attractive bowls or baskets in our homes;
  • Sliced or cut fruit is available daily in our refrigerators;
  • Have milk, nut-milks, water, or fruit infused water as available beverages;
  • Parents encouraged to display their student’s art in their kitchens and eating areas;
  • Relationship between healthy eating and personal health and disease prevention;
  • Teach how to read nutrition fact labels
  • Eating a variety of foods every day
  • Balancing food intake and physical activity
  • Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products
  • Choosing foods and beverages with little added sugars
  • Eating more calcium-rich foods
  • Importance of water consumption
  • Importance of eating breakfast
  • Social influences on healthy eating, including media, family, peers and culture
  • How to find valid information or services related to nutrition and dietary behavior
  • How to develop a plan and track progress toward achieving a personal goal to eat healthfully
  • Resisting peer pressure related to unhealthy dietary behavior
  • Influencing, supporting, or advocating for others? healthy dietary behavior
  • Making healthy choices when eating at restaurants

On-going invitation to our cooking/gardening community leaders to propose Teen or Senior focused smart eating programs to Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. for review and support approval. Please contact us.

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