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Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. facilitates health and wellness educational programs and PSLF certification to our Santa Barbara County Community.

Dominique Hackett

Dominique Hackett

Chief Financial Officer

Co-founder Dominique Hackett seeks to provide doctors and healthcare professionals the means to reach the Santa Barbara community of people in need with wellness education guidance in lifestyle changes to avoid the dangers of obesity and unhealthy living. The organization seeks to promote a healthier Santa Barbara community through leadership, partnership and educating on health science. Per the Santa Barbara Public Health status report of 2014, Three behaviors continue to contribute to the majority of deaths in Santa Barbara County: poor diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use.

Healthcare coaches, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, massage technicians, Chiropractors, fitness coaches, acupuncturists, nutritional counselors, and various other healthier lifestyle wellness-educators are supported through working for the organization, holding speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, fitness and gardening activities, and giving information through the organization’s website, newsletters and social media, and local radio weekly programs. Relevant and interesting information is regularly posted on-line and discussions are facilitated.

Doctors and various healthcare professionals meet with individuals and families in need at the organization’s office location 139 W. Mission Street in Santa Barbara, or in the individual’s home, or other convenient location to review current living habits and receive coaching and wellness education and support to make necessary lifestyle changes. Doctors and various healthcare professionals engage in health education with groups at speaking engagements and workshops focused on teaching healthier living habits that includes training in cooking, body movement and exercise, gardening, meditation, and balancing daily life nurturing activities with work.

The organization does a personal identification process of determining need of services by an initial free visit. The organization seeks out doctors and various healthcare educators who have loans through the qualified Federal Direct Loan program, attempting to fulfill their requirements of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) of working for a non profit organization 30 plus hours a week, performing public service health education individually and in groups. The organization seeks grants and public donations to support payment to doctors, as well as, charging minimal service fees to clients with payment means.

Once the organization facilities the connection between those in need in our community (focusing on teens and seniors) requiring lifestyle health counseling, and doctors, requiring participation in a non-profit to qualify over ten years time for the PSLF government loan forgiveness program, we have met our goal of supporting our public community through improved wellness education and assisting our local doctors/healthcare professionals with the necessary public activity to enable them to seek forgiveness in ten years of their educational debt, thus supporting our local community.

Our Mission

Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. is dedicated to supporting healthy bodies, minds, hearts through healthy eating and active living and thereby assist in the prevention of obesity in our community.

“We know that three behaviors (poor diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use) contribute to four chronic diseases (vascular disease ? heart disease and strokes, cancer, lung disease, and type 2 diabetes) that cause over 50 percent of all deaths in Santa Barbara County and nationwide.”


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2016

“There is a high level of agreement and understanding of the priority health needs in our community. Knowing something and effectively making changes to positively impact these high areas of need are two different things. Across our community, we need to develop and implement realistic actions to make improvements in these key areas of our community?s health.”


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2016

“Obesity posed the greatest threat to the health and lives of the largest number of County residents. Obesity-related illness such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and various cancers contributed to hundreds of deaths, and thousands of years of life lost to premature death.””


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2011

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Our programs exist for the health, wellbeing, and development of Santa Barbara youth.

We rely on the support of our amazing community to help us sustain and grow all of the resources and programs that we offer. Your donation will go directly to funding our programs and making a powerful impact.