Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. facilitates health and wellness educational programs and PSLF certification to our Santa Barbara County Community.

Our Mission

Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. is dedicated to supporting healthy bodies, minds, hearts through healthy eating and active living and thereby assist in the prevention of obesity in our community.

“We know that three behaviors (poor diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use) contribute to four chronic diseases (vascular disease ? heart disease and strokes, cancer, lung disease, and type 2 diabetes) that cause over 50 percent of all deaths in Santa Barbara County and nationwide.”


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2016

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“There is a high level of agreement and understanding of the priority health needs in our community. Knowing something and effectively making changes to positively impact these high areas of need are two different things. Across our community, we need to develop and implement realistic actions to make improvements in these key areas of our community?s health.”


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2016

“Obesity posed the greatest threat to the health and lives of the largest number of County residents. Obesity-related illness such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and various cancers contributed to hundreds of deaths, and thousands of years of life lost to premature death.””


~Santa Barbara County Community Health Status Report 2011

Our Programs

To help create the healthy balance we all need in our lives, Santa Barbara Wellness Center, Inc. is featuring seven wellness programs:

SB Teen Arts

We firmly recognize the impact that viewing art and creating art has on health and wellness. Works of art create a welcoming, uplifting space that increases a feeling of well-being and promotes positive life experiences.

SB Teen Fit

Programs to foster a culture of health and wellness in our community through athletics and teen sports.

SB Teen Yogis

Our team teaches Teens and Seniors the science that all our cells in our bodies contain the blueprints and templates of perfect health, vitality, and youth. Through Yoga, this connection of body, mind, and heart is the focus of training.

SB Teen Foodies

Programs to encourage innovation in healthy practices regarding smart eating. Growing vegetable gardens and cooking classes offered.

SB Teen Tunes

Music motivates people to engage in physical activity, increases endurance, speeds up post-workout recovery, improves sleep quality, and eases pain. We support the creation of music by our community, as it has a healthy effect on our body's blood vessel functions.

SB Teen Elder Connect

There is a magical nostalgia that is shared when our Teens connect with Seniors to hear stories of their lives. Older Adults feel a greater sense of fulfillment when they have healthy connections to our Teens.

SB Teen Smile

SMILE stands for Soul Motivated Intelligent Language Education talk therapy circles, talk therapy walks, and story telling to support and create the inner foundation of safe feelings producing healthy body, minds and hearts.

Teen Sports Radio – A Simple Breathing Exercise

A simple breathing exercise that can start your day off right and calm you down if you’re stressed during the day.

Our Partners

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Our programs exist for the health, wellbeing, and development of Santa Barbara youth.

We rely on the support of our amazing community to help us sustain and grow all of the resources and programs that we offer. Your donation will go directly to funding our programs and making a powerful impact.